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First and foremost, RIP Iwata-san, such a wonderful person who was taking from this world far too early. It was a really sad start to the day.

But the mood did improve because I can officially now say that I have graduated from university. In contrast to the sad news of Iwata's passing it was a wonderful and very up lifting event, there was a band who opened up the event and we got some very nice speeches from the faculty, then it was time to go up, I was second to go up out of the whole uni, I'm so glad that my fellow course mate's name started with AL while mine was AR. I would have bricked myself if I was the first. After that though it was so nice seeing my friends and everyone go up on stage. 

It was definitely a nice way to cap off my university experience, especially as I've been in university for farrrr too long ever since starting my journey when I was just 18 going to DMU and just flubbing that up to coming to Westminster and finally making it through at 25. I regret none of it though, it may have taken me a bit longer than most but I feel like a better person coming out of it. Nothing can beat seeing my parents reactions to it though, I almost teared up haha.

So what am I going to do now? Of course I want to work in the animation industry so I'm going to be looking for jobs in that sector, atm I'm focusing on storyboarding so I'm building a portfolio and showreel to help support that.

So with all that said, until the next time I post in 2017!

Hope people are still around haha.

I've been dead as a dodo the past few months on here, production on my film really picked up and I spent a lot of time working on that, but now I have a lot of free time now as I've successfully completed the final year of my university course WOOOOO.

With that said even though I have free time the next few months are gonna be an interesting one, not sure what I have planned yet but I will start posting here more regularly...possibly get back to doing those eye catches, gosh can't believe it's already been four months since the last one....

With that said, see ya around!


J.N.024 Level 2 CLEAR.

Journal Entry: Thu May 15, 2014, 4:35 PM
Hi folks! 

It's been a while hasn't it? Well I'm sure if you followed me for a while that's no big surprise aheh. So yeah I just finished my second year of uni...sorta, the work for it is finished and so I'm freeeeee until third year rolls around. Hopefully this now means I can dedicate more time to other projects, like Relative Chaos for example! Really can't wait to get back on that, because I really want to improve my pencilling skills because at one point I'm definitely going to send a portfolio to Archie Comics, seeing all these artists that I used to follow on dA become regular artists on the comic really inspired me and hopefully if my work ends up good enough it'll turn out well enough for me. (Provided that they can tolerate me being from the UK instead of being based in the US). But I'm getting a bit ahead of myself, for now look forward to more pages of Relative Chaos!

Also going to start putting together my original comic Echobeat. Gonna finally get round to putting all the notes and what not into actual scripts, ACTUAL SCRIPTS so that I can start working on pages over the summer, I've got no planned release date for Echobeat but I do hope to launch it either later this year or early next year at the most. 

Alongside those endeavours gonna continue working on a game with my good buddy and finally start up commissions. Speaking of which don't suppose I can get a show of hands of anyone willing to buy commissions from me? Just want to see if I can gauge people's interest in my art at the moment. Also if anyone has any links to tips on how to price commissions it would be greatly appreciated!

Annnnd that's all for now! Till next time!

- Miles

J.N.023 Boom

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 6, 2014, 12:57 PM


Dat Sonic Boom reveal.

I am stupidly hyped once again, Sonic with a scarf and Tails with goggles and the game being developed by ex-uncharted devs on the cry engine 3 is just giving me chills. What are your thoughts on the new games/tv series, particularly the designs in general. Are you all ready for some Buffkles?


Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 9:54 AM
I think by this point everyone should be in 2014 now so....


With that said, holy shit this has been a strange new years day...basically last night on NYE I pretty much just hung out with a bud playing videogames until the early morning. Played DMC, The Unfinished Swan (which was AMAZING) and Brothers a tale of two sons (ALSO AMAZING). So it's not even been a day in 2014 and I've already beaten two games, a record for me holy shit. But yeah after that new years day has been cold, windy and wet. Went out to the high street for a bit and it felt like I was in some weird Bladerunneresque future.

But even with the damp start I have good hopes for 2014, I have many plans in store that I really hope I can get going, one of them is finally starting freaking Echobeat, soon I'll be able to start drafting up the first chapter, so I guess it'll drop maybe around mid year around summer with any hope (so I can maybe get a table at the October MCM Expo!). It'll also be a turning point for me as....this is the point on my last course where it all went to shit, so I've got to try my hardest to stop history from repeating itself.

So how were your new years eve guys? I wanna hear stories, STORIES!


Journal Entry: Wed Dec 25, 2013, 9:34 AM

Merry Christmas.




J.N.0020 Not gonna sleep for 3 weeks

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 19, 2013, 5:27 PM
So like...hi folks.

As per usual it's been suuchhh a long time since I last posted a journal. I was meant to post earlier because I wanted to start recording my days at Uni which started up again last month, but lo and behold my mad procrastination and last minute work ethic kinda left me working most of the time, hell the first week back I did two all nighters, THE FIRST WEEK WHERE WE BARELY HAD ANY WORK....but I had to finish an essay and an animatic, good news I got it all done with a lil bit of spare time to nap.

But yeah it seems like I won't be getting much sleep again for the next 3 weeks after this journal, starting shooting our group stop motion film on Monday and I am tasked with building my part of the set, then comes the filming on top of two essays and a lot of other work. Thankfully I'm spared more work as I don't have to work on my solo film until the group film is finished HUZZAH. This is further complicated by two really fun games landing on my doorstep the past week and a bit, games I'm sure some of you know~ 

Sonic Lost World and MOTHERTRUCKING POKEMON. I swear to god these games are so much fun it's hard to put them down to do actual work, godammit why did they have to land slap bang in the middle of the busiest months for me?? But yeah slowly progressing through them, SLW I'm just near the end of the unusually loud silent forest, and with Pokemon I just received my Mega Bracelet and I feel like a Mega I put Lucario into the PC Box. I haven't felt this good about a pokemon game in a long time, while a lot is the same just all the cool tweaks and change in graphics and design make Pokemon X & Y feel really fresh. Onwards to the 4th Gym!

Also Comic front wise....The new page of Relative Chaos is definitely coming soon mostly because I now have a tablet that is actually perfect, and with that..


EDIT: OH WAIT, if you have Pokemon X or Y drop your friend code here and we can BE FRIENDS! My friend code is 5129-1269-5012!

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J.N.0019 -whistles-

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 18, 2013, 5:55 PM
So despite having pages prepared I kinda hit a snag...I decided to retool a few pages because I didn't like the flow, so there may be a slight delay in the next page, sorry! But with this delay I've managed to put some extra time on other stuff so hey there is stuff incoming at least! 

Also needed a little bit of time because some really bad stuff has been happening around my area and it's left me a bit....bewildered I guess? Last week especially left me in a daze where one event left me contemplating the meaning of life whilst deciding how to draw a building the right way.

Anyway in other cooler news, look at this the first episode of RWBY! 

But yeahh expect the next page to come in around mid next week! 

J.N.0018 Who here knows how to screentone?

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 9, 2013, 1:28 PM
So I've been having a problem with my latest pages of Relative Chaos, whenever I upload them here they come off looking lighter than the original file. For some reason I suspect that it has something to do with the way I'm going about using screen tones since they appear to change size between files and what not. Since I'm pretty much a newb to this I was wondering if anyone out there can lend me a hand with any tips or links to tutorials?

Also let it be known...drawing buildings SCARE ME! I just wanted to let you know that as the next page is building heavy and I wanted you to know the pain I went through -sobs-

J.N.0017 Comics are awesome.

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 1, 2013, 8:42 AM
So I was thinking, I've been wanting to write a blog for a good while now, I've tried multiple times in the past but I never get past the first post which sucks mega balls. Anyway I think I'm just gonna start writing more in my journals here on dA, it'll let me vent about silly things and keep this place active!

So yeah to start things off, COMICS ARE AWESOME, really they are, not just to read but to make aswell, it's something I finally realise having Relative Chaos on hand to update regularly, even though it's a fancomic it really gets the creative juices flowing. So if you ever have a problem like an artblock or lack of inspiration, try and start a comic, however simple or silly it maybe, it's worth doing just so you have a regular thing to work on!

Sticking with comics, how many transformers fans follow me? Have you read More than Meets the eye? No? WELL THEN YOU SHOULD GET ON THAT! Seriously one of the best comic series I've ever read, never have I seen Transformers being so fleshed out with character. It's even made old G1 guys who were just screen filler into bonafide characters who have just become some of my most favourite transformers ever. Lookin' at you Swerve, Whirl, Tailgate, everyone on the gosh darned Lost Light spaceship. Oh I forgot to mention it's pretty much TRANSFOMERS ON A SPACE QUEST! You see the war is kinda over and now the ol soldiers are off trying to find an ancient civilisation and what a brilliant concept that is.  It's allowed for so many amazing varied stories and hell it even has really really likeable Decepticons who aren't always KILL THE AUTOBOTS. It's even touched on some often overlooked aspects of the cybertronian race, like their beliefs, politics, past times (one issue is pretty much transformers drinking in a bar) and even relationships. Arghhhh I just love the comic and want to share it with EVERYONE!


I am so glad I own a swerve figure.

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First and foremost, let's all wish a happy birthday to the Blue Blur today, who turns a fine old 22 years old, amazing how long a franchise about a blue hedgehog can last huh? 


Now on to the announcement, Sonic The Hedgehog: Relative Chaos begins now! The first few pages have now been uploaded! Finally the comic I've been putting on and off for SO many years has come to fruition, this time around I'll be able to update weekly, YES WEEKLY! Consistent art from me! The times, they be changing! 

Alongside uploading it here on deviantart, I've also put it up on other sites for the sake of convenience, first up if you're a tumblr user you can follow the comic here:

And if you want a good ol comic viewer, I've also uploaded the comic to smackjeeves:…

As a little launch treat for those who don't know about my old account, you can view the original version of Relative Chaos roight here, don't worry it doesn't spoil anything!:

Sonic: Relative Chaos Cover by SHADOWPRIME  Sonic Relative Chaos page 1 by SHADOWPRIME  Sonic Relative Chaos page 2 by SHADOWPRIME  Sonic Relative Chaos page 3 by SHADOWPRIME  Sonic Relative Chaos page 4 by SHADOWPRIME  Sonic Relative Chaos page 5 by SHADOWPRIME  Sonic: Relative Chaos page 6 by SHADOWPRIME  Sonic: Relative Chaos page 7 by SHADOWPRIME

J.N.0016 - Sonic Fancomic Relative Chaos news!

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 14, 2013, 2:49 PM

Hey everyone! I have some good news for ya! I've finally decided on a release date for my Sonic the hedgehog fan comic, 'Relative Chaos'! So that I can have some time to create a few more pages to stay ahead of the game and to keep the flow of pages consistent I've decided to start the comic on Sonic's birthday of June 23rd! 


For those who don't know about Relative Chaos, it's a reboot of a fan comic I did five years ago but sadly never got past the first few pages, I decided to redo it in a new direction, completely in black and white much like manga as it makes it easier for me to create on a regular basis as well as develop my drawing skills without relying on the magic power of colours. The comic is set in game canon (as far as the comic's history goes) and is set after the events of Generations, and is about the simple premise of Sonic the Hedgehog fighting against the evil overlord Dr Eggman. 

So with that said, once again the comic will start on 23.06.2013 (06.23.2013) and I do hope you look forward to it :D

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J.N.0015 aheh.

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 8, 2013, 9:42 AM
Oh hey would you look at that, it's March already, TIME SURE DOES FLY DOESN'T IT? Sorry I haven't got any comic pages out I forgot that I had also planned to make chapter title pages. So yeah a minor setback, I hope to get those done soon and then I can drop some pages your way! Other than that the uni workload has increased a fair bit so I've been putting most of my time into that.  

One day I'll have more free time, ONE DAY!

And to spruce this journal up, I'm just gonna randomly feature someone!

Featured Artist: :icondcjosh:

One of my most favourite colourists in comic books! I recently watched a stream of his and so I feel duty bound to share his most mad skills with everyone else! If you're into Transformers comics you're bound to have come across his colouring, his colouring is so vibrant and pleasant on the eyes, despite the transformers often widely varying colour schemes he always gets them to work, even adding in a bit of texture to round up everything together into one neat package. He also does his own drawings too, over the years his lines have developed into a pretty sweet, rough and edgy style that really works well with his colours.

But enough of me rambling have some art!

MTMTE #15 Cover by dcjosh Megazords IN SPACE by dcjosh Regeneration One 82 Senior CVR by dcjosh

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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 1:28 PM

Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce that I'm starting up two comic series, the first being a Sonic the hedgehog fan comic, one that I've put on the back burner for far too long, the second being my first original webcomic! More info below.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Relative Chaos

A reboot of my short lived second sonic fan comic from a few years ago. I really wanted to do something large and sonic related so I thought it was good time to bring back this beast, since there was so much development stuff already done I thought it was best to just continue the project. Plus there are timey wimey things involved…and I love timey wimey things.

Sonic the hedgehog has woken up amidst a ravaged city, however he has no idea how he got there nor what has happened in the past few weeks. The comic follows sonic and those he meets along the way as he tries to find out what exactly is going on.

I'm going to be doing something different with this comic in that it'll be completely black and white. Line art has always been a weak point for me and by doing this comic I hope to develop my core skills along the way.

But don't worry, I'm not giving up on the colourful endeavours, because that's where my second comic comes into play…


Originally a game idea I was going to do with a friend, this has also been bouncing around my head for a while, but I'm glad to finally get it out there. This my friends is Echobeat.

I'm going to try and update these comics as regularly as I can, I'm not setting exact dates because we all know how they turn out! But I will say, expect the first pages in the coming month!

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J.N.0013 Incoming!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 27, 2013, 4:20 PM
-Picks up the phone-


Be ready for some cool stuff incoming in the next week or so, got some stuff I really want to show!

In the meanwhile though, how have you guys been? I haven't spoken to many people from dA in a long time so like...HEY GUYS HELLO!

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J.N.012 It's a bit dusty around here.

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 16, 2012, 12:44 PM
Hi guys!

I'm back again after a bit of a dry spell, been rather busy with a lot of things, work and gearing up for my RETURN TO UNIVERSITY.

That is right after leaving my previous course two years ago (I think it was two years ago, not too sure) I'm finally back on track again. If I haven't mentioned it before I'm now taking Animation at the University of Westminster and I can tell you, it's pretty cushty, so far the staff (bar one incident) have been pretty good and gotten me pumped to do well in the next three years. Not to mention the people I've met so far have been pretty goddamn legit, it's nice when you meet nice people with common interests man, s'good feel yo.

Sadly thanks to all this I've kinda put my online presence down to a bare minimum as most of my time is taken up by uni which is four days a week and work which takes up the remaining three. So I don't even have a day off...well until my holiday which will be a in a weeks time. Speaking of which on my holiday I shall be attending the London MCM expo, I've been going for the past four years so I might as well keep up appearances even though I'm not the world famous artist I wish to be...yet...but yes I shall be going so if you know what I look like and happen to be rolling around there on the weekend of the expo, feel free to say hi!

Also I've got to get a good eye for the venue where next year I'll hopefully be going for a table!

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J.N.011 Summer of Sonic

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 11, 2012, 7:23 AM
Oh man I really haven't updated in a while, I am truly sorry for my lack of any kind of journallly updates from me. But hey at least I've been drawing artwork eh? Anyways yeahhh I'm not sure how many of my followers these days are Sonic fans but this past weekend I was at an event known as the Summer of Sonic. A fantastic fanmade convention celebrating the blue hedgehog. This year was immensely fun, whilst I didn't do much during the event I hung out with a lot of old friends and made some new ones! I also entered the art contest once again only to come 2nd close to a 20th anniversary statue man, SO CLOSE, and of course the mighty return of CRUSH 40! Twas a sight to behold, shame the sound got a bit messed up but it was still very enjoyable.

I also managed to get twice the number of images in this years edition of the Sonic Community Sketchbook :iconsoncomsketchbook: if you don't know what that is well it's a sketchbook I bring to SOS each year and I  ask around for people to draw in the book. This year however I left the book on the art tables with signs and I got a whompin 40 pictures drawn in the book. It sure did make me a happy duck I do tell ya. Check out the submissions on that account I linked above, loads of great artists this year!

And with that I have little else to say but that I'm working on a few things as well as getting ready to head back to uni, though I'll try to keep up contact with mah dA peeps more often.

Also oh god no sub the madness D':

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J.N.010 Idea for a project.

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 10, 2012, 8:31 AM

While reading my backlog of ImagineFX issues, I came across a story about famous artists all contributing to a sketchbook, including the likes of Hayao Miyazaki and Glen Keane, and in the end selling it in the name of charity. What caught my eye was the fact that the book travelled for almost four years, it wasn't just a case of the artists sending in an image over the internet but an actual physical sketchbook that had been in the hands of all these people.

This is where my idea comes into play, I want to try a similar thing, but have it more randomised. The basic idea of this sketchbook is that a person draws in it and sends it to another person they know, it doesn't matter to who or where, I just want to see the book filled with loads of artwork from around the world, perhaps allowing people to find artists they've never seen before and also to show off their own work to potential followers. I'll probably develop on the idea so that it benefits a good cause, maybe ask each artist to donate to charity and add it to the book so that we can make a running total, but for now I'm asking for your opinions, do you think it'll be a good idea and would you be willing to join in? If it does go ahead I'll also try and get a custom book made especially for this project so that it's something a bit more special than a simple sketchbook.

Also hoping that the good will of people will actually allow it to travel to distance lands.

So yeah I welcome all ideas and suggestions!


As for today's feature, we'll be looking at :icondyemooch: an artist who I've admired for a long time as one of the many talented people working on the IDW TF: comics. Mostly a colourist, he is not held down by such constrictions and is an amazing artist in his own right, particularly in the style of Transformers: Animated which he uses in a fantastic manner in his fanart of two of my favourite mecha from Power Rangers/Super Sentai. But let's get back to his colouring, it's certainly downright FUCKING amazing, I was especially blown away by his work on the covers of TF ongoing, where it showed half busts of Megatron and Optimus in their cybertronian and earth robot forms. The colouring here is spectacular so clean and concise with a light glow around it making it feel more like an animated cel than a comic cover, not to mention the nice subtle use of textures just bring it all together, I do hope one day to colour as good as this guy!

1. Boy Wheeled Warriors Tackle by dyemooch 2. Livestream Ryuuseioh by dyemooch 3. TF Ongoing 23 cover A by dyemooch

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hoh I went silent for a bit didn't I? Oh god I don't even have a sub anymore D: Anyways it's been a busy month for me, university interviews, a new job and contests have let me often too tired to do anything else. But it's been a good month, I'm not sure if I said it here but I got into two universities out of the four I applied to, one being my first choice, I'll be studying animation at Westminster University! It's going to be tough juggling uni and a job but in the end I think it'll be worth it, at least life won't be boring around that time eh?

Artwise though, I've been planning a lot, haven't actually done much drawing, not having money means I couldn't go to life drawing lessons, but payday is soon and I'll rectify that, I did recently do an entry for the jet set radio contest that sega is hosting atm, my first original pieces of graffiti styled work, I'll post them up here when the time comes and I sure hope you guys like it, I honestly can't stop staring and gushing when I see them because I wasn't entirely sure if I was capable of such a style. Oh oh also I'm going to start on a proper comic, it'll be a zombie comic, not a particularly long one but something to get out there in ze public eye. So yeah in the next month I hope to get a lot of stuff done seeing as March was mostly me thinking about what to do. Oh oh oh I'm also going to start taking commissions by next month so I can attempt to get in some money on the side!

So until the next time I remember I have a dA account~

-A Duck.

P.S I forgot to feature someone, ohoho who should I choose this week? Darn I can't use thumbnails, oh well a link will do right?

Artist: :iconhxgn:

An artist I've met only recently thanks to the vastness that is Tumblr, Ms THUUUUUM is an amazing artist and her artwork is totally away from the norm of artists that I usually look for on these here interwebs, I love the intricacy of her patterns and I only wish I could achieve such detail. Her style to me is like a mix of illustrations in children's books mixed with the flair and grittyness of graffiti, course this changes with certain pieces but you can't deny that overall she's a fantastic artist!

1. 2. 3.
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J.N.008 Transformers 4....

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 14, 2012, 4:31 AM

So I'm not sure if any of you have heard already, though it has been trending like a bitch on twitter, Transformers 4 was recently announced for release in 2014 and hey it's a's going to be directed by Michael Bay. Now if it was any other director I would be happy and chill, but no it's Michael Bay, I honestly had no problem with his films (aside from my deep hatred for Revenge of the Fallen) because you know I thought after the trilogy he'd be gone, and actually I still wouldn't have a problem if it wasn't for the fact that the new film will be a reboot. Now if you're making a reboot, it's usually a chance to change the status quo, leave the old bring in the new, so the fact they're bringing back a fairly mediocre director for the reboot urks me so.  One can only handle his directing style for so long and I'm now officially sick of it. His style often comes with more focus on the humans, very little character development for the robots and enough filler footage to make japanese stock animation cry and I don't want that for a new transformers film. He also doesn't treat it as a film but as a very long commercial. My only hope now is that there are new designs for the robots (I also doubly hate the concept artist for the tranformers films, he doesn't understand how to design Transformers, look at megatron and chicken legs starscream, two of the franchises most iconic characters and their designs incorporate jack shit of what makes them well known) and new writers that will hopefully put more focus on the bots this time round.

-flops on table- now I'm gonna go cry somewhere....

-Miles QnQ

EDIT: I forgot to add the feature for this journal D:

For today's feature I'll be looking at re-kii

Yes yes, this is the person I was most looking forward to facing in the CL contest I so spastastically lost, but alas she'll avenge me as she's facing miss elegy who defeated me!! But yes onto the artist herself, Miss Alexa as I like to call her is a fantastic artist, if you followed my old account you would have seen I coloured one of her pieces. I tell ya her lineart is beautiful, it's so clean and concise, it's almost like she has an amazingly light touch when it comes to drawing lineart, it only becomes heavy where it's supposed to be! Her colouring is also coming along quite nicely, she's only recently joined the digital colouring world but she's developing quite rapidly and I look forward to seeing where her art will go on from here on out!

Gabriel by re-kii :thumb268357890: Lazy Dog by re-kii

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